Sri Lankan Needs Update


1.   Start milk program for children under 5, approximately 600 kids in Koddai Kallar.  Will need $700 for initial setup.
UPDATE: The milk program has been started and now is fully funded. In addition, monies were received to start a vitamin program in the schools.

2.   Continued relief for Koddai Kallar and Periyaneelavania, cost unknown.  Government is implementing plan for food and monthly cash for each family as well as start up cash to replace household items, so this need will increase. 

3.   Build new toilet for the school in our area of the village, already committed to this.  $2,000  This is great PR for us! 
UPDATE: The work on the school will begin soon, we are waiting for the price of materials to drop before starting this project.

4.   Purchase new 3 wheeler for Vijay our preacher; he lost his in the tsunami, $2,300.
A three wheeler has been purchased for Vijay, cost $2,700.

5.   Purchase new property on the main road in Periyaneelavanai, we have located such property.  Cost $12,000.

6.   Build new church building and preacher’s quarters on the property, $14,000.

7.   Purchase property and build new church building and quarters for preacher in Koddai Kallar, $25,000.
We are in the process of purchasing a piece of property*

8.   Purchase property in Mahaloor and build a semi-permanent building, $4,000.  ($1,500 for property and $2,500 for a structure)

9.   Trincomalee Children’s Home, build new kitchen and finish water system, balcony and stair railing, purchase beds, and mattresses, cost unknown.  No tsunami damage, these are just needed improvements.

10. Possible property purchase in Trincomalee for expansion.  Cost unknown.

11. Purchase of property for new children’s home in Koddai Kallar area, may possibly lease property in next village as they have a hospital, which is a government requirement, cost unknown.
UPDATE: We are in the process of purchasing a piece of property*

12. Purchase property and build small medical clinic in Koddai Kallar, cost unknown.
UPDATE: We are in the process of purchasing a piece of property*

13. Build toilets/wells, as needed in Koddai Kallar & Periyaneelavanai, cost $300 each.  Need to wait and see what government is going to do as far as relocation, what type of houses they will build, etc.  Government houses are basically a shell, no cement plastering, no wiring, no toilet, no well, no window shutters only frames.  Approximate cost to finish home $850.

14. Construction projects and costs are unknown in Jaffna Children’s Home as we have never been able to go there because of the civil war.  No tsunami damage, but from pictures we know they need repair from war damage.

15.  Mission house and office space for ministry, we are having more people say they want to come visit us.   Last visitors slept on living room floor.  Cost of building and property $25,000.
UPDATE: We are in the process of purchasing a piece of property*

16.  Vehicle purchase for us.  $25,000.  Currently we spend about $150 to $250 per month for local transportation.  A trip to Colombo costs $150.

17.  Help build new bridge from back of village to across the river.  Cost unknown.

      *BUILDING UPDATE: We are in the process of purchasing a piece of property (we are waiting on the deed search) that will we will be able to build the church, preacher's quarters, children's home, medical clinic, office, and mission house. Cost of property $40,000.


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